Our Beneficiaries

These are the programs we support


The Altruist

Somdutt Foundation

Yearly training in Mental Illness treatment


Sir CJ Institute, Psychiatric Hospital

Rawalpindi General Hospital

Out-patient psychiatric  clinic within Behboud medical services, Rawalpindi

Out-patient psychiatric  clinic  within Planned Parenthood Community Services, Lahore



Magistrates Association Mental Health Training

Free Me, charity for rehabilitation of people suffering from Anorexia

YOPEY , Young Persons are Awarded for innovative Community projects in Mental Health

International Training & Teaching

Our Collaborators

In India   in collaboration with Fortis  Hospitals and  Mukul Madhav Foundation Pune, India

Capio Nightingale Hospital London

Teaching modules delivered in Collaboration with Members of the  Royal College of Psychiatrists UK, as proscribed by World Heath Organization (WHO)

Certificates of attendance  issued via World Psychiatric Association, Child Psychiatry Division.





Our Work



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