Our Mission

  • Advocacy for the rights of people with mental illness.
  • Creating awareness of mental illness. Mental illness is a disease that can be treated like any other.
  • Consultation, advice and support for improvement of existing services in selected Psychiatric hospitals.
  • Rehabilitation Programmes for recovered mentally ill patients.
  • Adding Psychiatric services to Medical Outpatient Clinics.
  • Education, Teaching and Training of mental health Professionals.
  • We liaise and form partnerships with:
  • Existing Government Institutions
  • Private Institutions and Hospitals
  • Charitable Organisations
  • Professional Organisations

Our Beneficiaries

These are the programs we support




Our Collaborators

  • Fortis Hospitals, 2012-2014, and Mukul Madhav Foundation Pune, India 2014 - current.
  • Capio Nightingale Hospital London 2012 - 2014.
  • Teaching modules delivered in Collaboration with Members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists UK, as prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Certificates of attendance issued via World Psychiatric Association, Child Psychiatry Division.

Research paper CFMH Work
Dr Shahida Khan and Dr Minhas (Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society, January to March 2019, Volume 16, No 1, pages 8-12).

CET Award from Concern For Mental Health
Concern For Mental Health