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Chance to Change Concern for Mental Helath

CFMH supports ‘Chance to Change’

Tackling the root cause of offending through therapeutic intervention

Chance 2 Change is the core project of Beyond Youth CIC and its rationale follows a three practice approach which is:

  1. Group psychotherapy using the methods of Dr Irvin D Yalom
  2. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) as pioneered by Dr Aaron Beck
  3. The Addiction Treatment Programme as overseen by Dr Neil Brener.

In creating this programme, evidence and experience has been drawn upon from all 3 approaches and applied to the client group which demonstrates an inability to understand or regulate their own behaviour.

Prisoners can often struggle to make sense of life events and can lack the emotional intelligence and self-awareness to understand either themselves or their behaviour patterns.

The central premise of the rationale behind Chance 2 Change is that behaviours are learnt from the environment we are brought up in, for example, if we learn that we are not cared for by those responsible for nurturing, it is impossible to know how to care for ourselves or others therefore there is no ability to perceive the victims perspective. Further traumatic childhood issues can create co-dependence and the primary feature of co-dependence is abandonment of self, which means adapting ourselves to fit in with others. Chance 2 Change encourages prisoners to first identify, secondly acknowledge, thirdly understand, fourthly respect and finally bring about steps to change.

                        This intervention averages a 74% non-reconviction rate

Key Facts about Chance 2 Change

  1. The course is voluntary, with self-referral frequent
  2. Our attendance rate is high (98% completion rate)
  3. Delivery is flexible – typically the eight two-hour sessions are delivered over a period of 2/3 weeks. It can also be delivered in relation to the end of the prison sentence.
  4. The course is short (16 hours in total), making it attractive to prison management
  5. Support beyond delivery can be provided by our facilitator, which is in contrast to other behavioural courses in prison.

“I would say Chance 2 Change is the most positive course I have ever done even out of jail and the facilitator is the best teacher. She will listen to you, she is understanding and best of all she don’t judge you”.

Chance to Change Concern for Mental Helath