Teaching Psychiatry in India

11th, 12th & 13th November 2016.

Doctors from the UK: Dr Ghazala Afzal, Dr Neil Brenner, Dr Giovanni Giaroli, Dr Shirin Pezeshgi.

Hosted by Mukul Madhav Foundation, Ritu Chabria, Pune, India.

Dr Giovanni Giaroli teaches how medications work in the brain to relief symptoms of mental illness.

The delegation of Concern for Mental Health led by Dr. Lady Ghazala Afzal alongside Dr. Neil Brenner, Dr. Shirin Pezeshgi and Dr. Giovanni Giaroli were invited by the Mukul Madhav Foundation to provide a 3 day seminar to mental health professionals in Pune, India in November 2016.

The delegation was welcomed with a vast attendance of 123 participants, spanning from mental health nurses, teachers and yoga trainers to psychiatrists. The team of 4 doctors provided a 3 day intense programme spanning from the most recent changes in mental health classification systems (DSM-V) to the most recent therapeutic approaches to mental illness, including pharmacological, psychological and service organisation updates from the United Kingdom.The audience were engaged for 7 hours each day across a Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the first two days being mainly focused on mental health in adult populations with the third day focusing on the mental health of children and adolescents.

Some measures of success of the event was the high attendance rate (our facility was to full Our Q&A sessions were some of the most rewarding moments, with the entire audience enthused with asking dozens of questions and the honesty that the attendees brought with
them, on how their clinical experiences are today, and what might work (or not) given the cultural settings was inspiring.

 Ritu Chabria, Mukhul Madhav Foundation, Kusum, India lead Drs Ghazala, Siriin, Giroli and Neil
Dr Giovanni teaches how medications work in the brain to relief symptoms of mental illness