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International Training and Teaching

There are not enough trained psychiatrists in India to meet the recommended ratio, which is one psychiatrist per 200000 people. The practical way to fill this gap is to train general practitioners, nurses, psychologists and health visitors to recognize and help, and refer on when appropriate for treatment.

As part of our aim to train General Practitioners and Mental Health Professionals in Psychiatry, we organize training conference in India yearly. We have done the Training in Delhi and Bombay in 2012, Jaipur and Ahmedabad in 2013, Pune 2014, Pune 2016

We have trained about 550 professionals to date.

The Mental Health Professionals of the local area are invited to the conference, and given and Training and refreshers in Psychiatry, certificates for continuing medical education are given to the participants.

We collaborated with Capio Nightingale Hospital in London, Fortis hospitals in India, Mukul Madhav Foundation in Pune, using World Health Organization Recommended training modules. We presented certificates from World Psychiatric Association.

Some images from the meetings:


The Conference Inauguration


Training in Mental Health

World Health Organization mh- GAP Training Guidelines
Pune, India 28th September - 3rd October 2014

Teachers and workshop leaders

  • Dr Ghazala Afzal

  • Dr Cosmo Hallstrom

  • Dr Gordana Milavic

  • Dr Shirin Pezeshgi

Overview of 4 days

Day 1   Communication & Principals of Care. Confidentiality, Patient centred approach, Common Psychiatric conditions: Assessment and interview techniques.

Day 2   Depression, Psychosis Assessment, Treatment and Care

Day 3   Bipolar Disorder, Self-harm & Suicide Assessment, Treatment and Care

Day 4   Drug and alcohol misuse, Anxiety disorders OCD, PTSD, Assessment, Treatment and Care

Organized by 
Concern for Mental Health UK  
Mukhul Madhav Foundation, India 



Certificate Given To Attendees in Delhi 

Certificate Given to Attendees in Delhi



Presentations in Ahmadabad