CFMH Som Datt Medical Centre - Delhi, India.

Som Datt is a general medical clinic, it runs a mental health division  supported by CFMH.

We introduced the addition of treatment for mental illness, provide staff and ideology, educational psychiatric camps that encourage the community to identify their relatives with mental illness and bring them to the clinic for free treatment.

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Senior Citizen Support Group

A group program to uplift the mental health of the senior citizens is offered. The elderly are often financially, emotionally and socially dependent on their children, who in the modern world, are themselves short of financial means and time. This leads to the elderly becoming neglected isolated and depressed, in addition to suffering from increasing medical ailments as they age.

Medical health is of interest to them. Lectures given by one of our many in-house doctors or a professional from other hospitals explain the diseases common among the elderly, they become topics of an interactive discussion, people are able to ask questions and receive a professional reply.

They benefited from our program, some of  their responses were:

  • They appreciate the value of life, they try and lead each day to the fullest
  • They have more awareness of their own health and hygiene and have started taking care of themselves rather than neglecting themselves.
  • They have formed new friendships and the feeling of being isolated and loneliness is abating
  • Due to the newly gained knowledge from the centre they are taken more seriously at home.
  • They have a place where they can share their problems and get group support, and also the comfort in knowing that someone else also has a similar problem and they are not alone.
  • The fear of death which runs as a common thread does not feel so fearful anymore.

Helping children and their parents psychologically through interesting & indirect ways

A yearly art competition  is organized  for the children according to their age groups. The art is used as a means to work on developing self-esteem. Each child had to draw a picture of themselves and write down 7 qualities they liked about themselves (idea being to recognize one's good qualities to build self-esteem).
The 2nd part was to draw somebody who you admire/like and what qualities you like about that person. Whilst the children were being ‘tested on their drawing skills', inadvertently focusing on building self-esteem, the parents received support  through  discussions with the psychiatrist about their concerns and problems in parenting.