CFMH at Benazir Bhutto Day Hospital Rawalpind

Day Hospital and Rehabilitation Services

Concern for Mental Health set up an Occupational Therapy (OT) Centre within the department of the Institute of Psychiatry (which is also a WHO collaborating Centre) at Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi, a tertiary level government facility, in response to the need for a rehabilitative service for psychiatric patients.

A spacious room with a huge terrace on the first floor was allocated by the Head of the Psychiatry Department. CFMH furnished the space, provided the materials needed and hired the staff required to run this program. Dr.Shahida Kahn is the program manager and coordinator.

The referrals come from the Consultant Psychiatrists, through their post–graduate trainees or house officers, the community clinic,and by service users.The number of patients served has been increasing yearly.

Dr Khan makes a treatment plan which is regularly updated, she supervises, monitors and evaluates the rehabilitation activities for each patient.

The conditions most commonly treated are; depression, bipolar illness, schizophrenia, psychoses, dissociation and personality disorder, secondary drug abuse .

The OT Rehabilitation focuses on developing life skills, self-care, personal hygiene, nutrition, cleaning, socializing.
The patients are offered the following skills and activities: Arts and Craft,Games and Sports, Reading/Writing,Embroidery and Stitching, Horticultural activities, Cooking, Carpentry, Music Classes.

An article written by Dr Shahida Khan and Dr Minhas (Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society , January to March 2019 ,volume 16 , no 1 , pages 8-12) based on the work in our clinic highlights the success of the model of collaboration between the Private and Public sectors in providing Occupational therapy and Rehabilitation services.

A total of 2138 patients were seen between 2010 to 2018. The maximum number seen in 2015 (393).

The study concluded that offering rehabilitation decreases an average hospital stay by 15 days . The study highlights the need for rehabilitation services in acute mental health settings.


Concern for Mental Health Community Clinic at Behboud Premises

The Community Service provides Clinical and Psychological services to patients suffering from mental illness, arranges appropriate referrals for them as needed, provides education about mental illness in the community, the medical clinic attendees and their families. Training opportunities for Professionals are created as part of the work.

Clinical Services

Consultation, Free medicines, Counselling and Psychotherapy are provided. Psychosis is the most frequent diagnosis. Other conditions seen are, in decreasing order; depression, epilepsy, headache, anxiety, OCD, Mental Retardation, substance abuse, speech problems.

Most of the patients are referred to the clinic by previous patients who have benefited and are satisfied with the care received at the clinic. This is the biggest tribute to the work we do! Medical practitioners from surrounding localities and Behboud Association also refer patients to the Mental Health Clinic.

    Beneficiaries of Services 2015 

Total patient visits


New patients


Follow up visits



Psycho-Education in Mental Health


The quality and quantity of time we spend with our patients and their families in counselling has time and again been acknowledged by them as the best part of our services. It significantly improves timely follow-up visits. The team educates and motivate the attendants to the extent they continue to bring their patients for mental health care.

Quantifying beneficiaries of education and awareness services is difficult.


Individual counseling is offered during consultation. Each patient is accompanied by a minimum of one relative, so the information about mental illness and its treatability benefits the attendants as well.

Awareness Raising in Groups

We raise awareness in groups about common mental illnesses and treatment available by our team. 

Referral Services

We refer to Benazir Bhutto Hospital if In- patient /psychiatric treatment and Rehabilitation is needed .  We refer within the Behboud clinic for medical care of the patients .

Teaching about Mental Illness & Health for Medical and Nursing Students (at both CFMH sites in Rawalpindi)


Clinical internships  offered to MS Clinical Psychology students from NUST (National University of Sciences and Technology) started in 2015. The students screen and assess the patients for their psycho-social needs and psychological issues along with providing counselling and psychotherapy where appropriate. The CFMH Clinic receives help in providing psychological services, and the students receive hands-on training. They receive intensive weekly supervision at NUST from senior clinical psychologists.


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Dr. Rubina Qudwai, Assistant professor from NUST University visited Dr. Shahida Khan at the Mental Health Clinic discussing training  for MS students in clinical psychology.


Nursing students visit the Day Center

Medical students from the Islamic International Medical College visit the clinic, they gain knowledge about psychiatric illnesses, the role of medications in treatment, the importance of occupational therapy and rehabilitation in planning psychiatric services.

Dr Shahida.png

 Dr Shahida with medical students