UK - Peer Support Programme, London


Peer Support Programme, The Red Phoenix, Ealing:

Concern For Mental Health Contributes to The Phoenix Project. The program is run by volunteers who have been there themselves. 

Mental health peer support Goals:
•Providing emotional support and self-development through weekly individual sessions to build confidence, self-esteem, combat depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. 
•Encouraging, and motivating clients to take up meaningful activities, volunteering opportunities and paid work when they are ready. 
•Reducing isolation, extending the social network of friends enables the clients’ well-being and recovery.

Café Club Social, a Peer support Network Organise social groups in Cafes, providing space  and meeting rooms,  real friends, real coffee, real support by Service users who  were ill themselves at one time , and have a real understanding of recovered  members of the community .People with mental disabilities need to feel valued . They can combat their isolation by making friends and contacts, sharing information, provide practical help in these social settings.